latest news

Sep 22

The HTML5 version was discontinued

With immediate effect we have discontinued the HTML5 version of CYPEST. You can no longer register or login on this page. Both freeware and Steam version still work as usual.

Unfortunately, the HTML5 version was used far too rarely. To keep up the technical support therefore makes no sense anymore. Instead of players, only - if at all - bots registered, but they did not play either.

We wish players of the classic freeware and the Steam version a lot of fun with CYPEST.Cool

Aug 17

New Web Engine Update

Today there was a small update of our own web engine (T-600 Engine by Gravitation Art). The speed has been improved a bit. The website now has a better compatibility to older browsers. And the search engine friendliness is also better.

Mar 05

Freeware Update 1.3.1

The version fixes a few small bugs and can now be downloaded in the download area.

Jan 07

Freeware Update 1.3.0

For the freeware we have released a new update. The update contains a few small improvements and bugfixes. Details can be viewed as always in the changelog.