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Dec 18

Version 2.2.0!

Achieved! The newest update is adding the mission N470-S3RV3R. With it CYPEST is leaving Early Access and the full version can now be purchased. The new mission contains eight levels, new enemies and around 30 minutes of drum and bass music. Many small things have been optimized. Now there are 5 missions, 52 levels, a cool two player mode and numerous challenges waiting for you! Play now an Steam!


Nov 29

Version 2.1.2

With version 2.1.2 there is coming a new, small update. You'll now see seven instead of five players from the "Hacker-Olymp" in the main menu. There is new formatting for the scores.
The speed floors will not be drawn beneath the walls anymore. In some levels that looks much better.

Nov 24

Two updates in one!

The patch to version 2.1.0 has two major improvements. A new mission named "Sh0r7 H4ck5" with 12 challenging levels. The idea is a small, hard training camp for hackers! CYPEST Underground now contains 4 missions with a total of 44 levels!

The second improvement is the complete overhaul of the two player mode. You can now select multiple levels, also several times, to use them as a "playlist". Who has reached the most points in the end, is the winner. There were also several bugs fixed and the gamepad is now working inside the manual.

We wish all players a lot of fun. Be seeing you in the highscore lists! Cool

CYPEST Underground on Steam!

Nov 14

It's done!

From now on CYPEST Underground can be played on Steam. We wish all players a lot of fun!

Nov 09

Win a Steam Key!