Nov 14

It's done!

From now on CYPEST Underground can be played on Steam. We wish all players a lot of fun!

Nov 09

Win a Steam Key!

Nov 08

Steam Trailer on YouTube

If you want, you can now watch the CYPEST Underground trailer on YouTube. Cool

Nov 03

It is in work!

More information about CYPEST Underground can be found on the Steam page. There are, besides screenshots, also a new trailer!

Oct 25

Maintenance work

Yesterday our server was changed from PHP 5.x to 7.2. We hope we were able to fix all the issues and the site works as usual. If there are problems, such as registration or login, please use the contact form.

Oct 23

medals system will come soon

New feature: medals system. You can reach up to four medals per level. This feature will only be available in the Steam version. Cool


Oct 20

Steam version will come soon

Right now we are working feverishly on a new version for Steam. There will be more information in the next days. Since we also have to adapt the website, this can lead to minor disruptions. We apologize for this in advance! Smile


May 27


Also in marketing you have to orient yourself to the best. Cool


May 22
May 19
May 15

German Let's Play

A CYPEST Let's Play from the CYPEST team. Played barely 45 minutes and talked a lot about the game and its development (in German).

May 09
May 08

Information about the game on

German-language information: Wer eine deutsche Beschreibung zum Spiel lesen möchte, sollte sich die Projektbeschreibung auf anschauen. Dort findet man auch Screenshots, Videos und Meinungen von Spielern. Natürlich würden wir uns auch sehr über eine Bewertung freuen.

May 07

Version 1.2.1 is online

The latest version fixes a bug in the highscore list in the game. The Windows version will follow soon. In addition, the song was exchanged in Cracktro. Now you can listen to the song "Joyride" by the wonderful musician Nicole Marie T. We won the song on a Twitter call. Many Thanks! Love

May 04


May 04
May 03

CYPEST played live

The great musician Nicole Marie T played CYPEST live on YouTube.

May 01

In your browser!

Finally! Now everyone can play CYPEST in the Browser. With your desktop account, a new account or as a guest. Test it! It's freeware!


Apr 28
Apr 25

Four controllers

A new feature since version 1.2 is that you can use two gamepads. You can also play together on one keyboard.


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