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Jan 13

Picture of the day #15

Leveleditor. Level 7, Mission 2.


Jan 12


Wer ein wenig über das Leveldesign in CYPEST erfahren möchte, kann hierzu einen ausführlichen, deutschsprachigen Artikel auf Pewn durchlesen.

Jan 11

Picture of the day #14

Two-player mode! Love


Jan 05

New enemy

New in the upcoming "C1A-Mission": a new, very flexible enemy type in different variants.
Some of the lines can shoot, sometimes you can/must fly through the line at a certain time.


Dec 30

The next step

All CYPEST friends will be pleased to see that we are currently working on version 1.2. The second largest change to the game will be a new mission. In addition to the "N5A-Mission" there will be a "C1A-Mission" in the next version. This new mission will contain 12 brand new levels!