Nov 03

Picture of the day #8

Two players, double fun!


Nov 02

Picture of the day #7

New enemies, new fun!


Nov 01

Picture of the day #6

The release of a game is a path paved with a thousand little things. In addition to the many effects, we work on subtleties of the website, on the levels, on fixing bugs and game engine optimizations. On the horizon we recognize the open beta, how it approaches us pleasantly.


Oct 31

menu preview

A small view into the main menu. Pre-Beta.

Oct 31
Oct 30

Picture of the day #4

That makes Mommy happy!


Oct 29

Picture of the day #3

Eat. Sleep. Make games. Repeat.


Oct 28
Oct 27
Oct 26


We have introduced a new highscore list. It is named "Hacker-Olymp" and is the sum of all played highscores. In this new overall highscore list you can compare with all other players, regardless of the played levels. Of course, there is also the old highscore list available, so you can see in which level you need to improve to rise inside the "Hacker-Olymp".


Oct 25

The first particles

The first particles in the game.


Oct 21

Alpha completed

The alpha has been completed and the download was closed. We are currently working on an open beta. More information will be available in the next few days.

Sep 23

Level 1 Video

This video showing Level 1 complete.

Sep 22

The last alpha!

With version 0.5.0 we have just released the last alpha version. If you feel like it, you can still register as a tester and appear in the credits as an "Alpha Tester".

Sep 22

First Video

Level 3, fully played!

Sep 22
Sep 22

Level 3 start v0.4.9


Sep 21

News from the geeks!

We are currently working on a new version. In addition to many improvements and bugfixes, there will be an essential feature. With so-called "time emitters" you can increase the times for double-score and quad-score and thus create many more scores.

Sep 12
Sep 11

Version 0.4.6 online

The new version is available for download. You can see all new features in the changelog.