Jan 15
Jan 13

Picture of the day #15

Leveleditor. Level 7, Mission 2.

Jan 12


Wer ein wenig über das Leveldesign in CYPEST erfahren möchte, kann hierzu einen ausführlichen, deutschsprachigen Artikel auf Pewn durchlesen.

Jan 11

Picture of the day #14

Two-player mode! Love

Jan 05

New enemy

New in the upcoming "C1A-Mission": a new, very flexible enemy type in different variants.
Some of the lines can shoot, sometimes you can/must fly through the line at a certain time.

Dec 30

The next step

All CYPEST friends will be pleased to see that we are currently working on version 1.2. The second largest change to the game will be a new mission. In addition to the "N5A-Mission" there will be a "C1A-Mission" in the next version. This new mission will contain 12 brand new levels!

Dec 29


The game is now on A (still) relatively small but ingenious community for game developers. If you want, you can vote for us.


Dec 27

1.1.0 released!


* Crash with the HUD particles fixed
* New, improved highscore menu
* New info signs for the levels

Dec 17

1.0.0 released!!!

CYPEST 1.0 has been released. ZIP and installer version are available for download! Have fun with it!

Nov 26

Cryp70 C17y

Level 8 completely finished. Can you do that too?

Nov 25


The open beta is over! The game has now been released and we want to use this occasion to say thanks to all testers! You can watch the trailer here or directly download the game. After the beta there were a few bugs fixed and a better overview of the current olymp position was implemented. Have fun playing the game!

Nov 19


You love We also! You can now also download and support the game there!

Nov 19

0.8.0 released


* 2 new music tracks
* New manual screen to explain the game
* Fixes for the shadows
* Regular expression for mail addresses fixed
* New credits entries for the testers

Download it!

Nov 15

They demanded encore!

With the next update there will be two new songs!

Nov 15
Nov 14

Website update

Today there was an update of the website. On the home page there is now a direct
download link for the latest version of CYPEST. Below that is a small module where
the 5 current best players in the world are shown. There where also some new features
on the profile page. Every player can now see his/her own ranking inside the hacker-olymp,
with two players before and after his/her own position. You can see on the screenshot how it looks.

Nov 12


The new version 0.7.6 can now be downloaded. Have fun!


Nov 12
Nov 10

For the many, not the few!

The open beta is online. You can download it here.


Nov 09

open beta?

Tomorrow the trailer for the open beta will be released.
And by the way... tomorrow is also the release of the CYPEST open beta.

Nov 08
Nov 07